The company claims that the number of fitness trackers such as Fitbit Charge and Jawbone UP24 will increase threefold, and by 2018 it will reach approximately 57 million users worldwide, this year their number has already grown to 19 million.


    Juniper analysts expect the fitness segment to remain dominant among wearable devices until it receives another impetus for the development of a new fitness application, new biometric measurements and lower prices.


    But already from this moment until 2018 the category of “smart” watches like citizen watches is gaining momentum and soon these wearable devices will be perceived as one of the most wearable devices. The development of the segment begins with the release of the long-awaited Apple watches or royal london watches , which were supposed to be released to the market in the first half of 2015. As reported by Apple, in the first year it is expected to sell 15 million devices. If this happens, sales of smart watches will surpass sales of fitness trackers even before the start of 2018, as predicted by Juniper.


    Juniper believes that there are two main types of fitness trackers - less expensive, like the Xiaomi MiBand tracker for $ 13, the main advantage of which is the price, and more expensive devices, such as Fitbit Surge, Microsoft Band and Samsung Gear Fit, which offer additional features like notification and music management.


    In addition, Juniper argues that Fitbit will remain the leading player in the market of fitness trackers, although their decisions are not combined with Apple Health, which can dramatically reduce their market share in a short period of time.


    More functional devices will compete with “smart” watches, especially those wearable devices that offer similar functions, for example, Meta-Watch M1 and Martian Notifier, are predicted by Juniper research. "Nevertheless, consumers who are not indifferent to the aesthetic appearance of the device will still prefer smart watches, as devices focused on fitness prefer the functionality of the device rather than its appearance," Juniper said in a report.

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