Good day dear subscribers, as well as those who just recently began to dive into this interesting world of health and beauty. Today we will talk about the exclusive support of our lungs, as well as how useful for the body is breathing exercises for weight loss . About why this topic includes the concept of lungs, you can understand by reading the section called respiratory gymnastics. This system is inextricably linked with general physical exercises, and no less than helping girls to get rid of extra pounds .




    I dare to suggest that everyone is looking for an easy and quick way to lose weight. Below is a small but comprehensive list of exercises that will allow you to accelerate the process of weight loss and give the body a special elegance when you load an average. There is no need to invent sophisticated exercises and set yourself a big task right from the first day, better do everything gradually.



    We remember the cycle of school activities and begin to implement them. If you have a gymnastic hoop at home, you can start with an easy warm-up, while not forgetting about breathing. Then do the swinging of the upper body in different directions, first to one, and then to the other side. After do twisting and tilting. The most pleasant thing in gymnastics is that there is no need to do tasks under strict control and under a certain amount. Put your favorite music and do it one by one, then another exercise. It will be good if the classes last for about an hour, but not less than 30 minutes. Then the effect will be noticeable faster and weight from the abdominal cavity will go away faster.



    In this case, the set of exercises is not very large and it is also very simple: for lessons you will need a rope, on which you will have to do 1/10 of all classes. This exercise involves all muscle groups and not only legs. Next, you need to move to squats: first the starting position should be when the legs are placed at the width of the shoulders, then the distance between the legs is significantly reduced, and in the end you can practice in the exercise "pistol" - squatting on one leg, while the second is parallel to the floor. 

    Also worth talking about jumping, they are no less useful, but they must be performed carefully. So the landing should always be on the toe of the foot, and watch your knees because the legs should be slightly bent, otherwise you may get injured.



    The cycle of exercises, consisting of pull-ups, push-ups and exercises with weights, combines a combination of general tension, both on the muscles of the hands and on the chest. Do all the exercises a little, for example, 2 sets of 10 times. Then change the exercise. This way it will be possible to fix and tighten all necessary and problem areas, and also to avoid problems with asymmetry in the process of relaxation and tension of the muscular zone.


    As you can see, this article refers to aerobic exercise, as the gymnastics refers specifically to this section. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement the general picture with a few moments: preferably before the classes to perform a small run . If this is not possible, change this task to walking , both in space and on the spot.


    On the Internet mass information about breathing exercises is posted. Some coaches give online lessons in which they explain how to properly do those or other tasks. Recommended for viewing by everyone, and if you try to do such exercises on your own, after a while you will feel a pleasant sensation in the chest, tightness of the muscles and special ease at walking. This is all the result of a smooth weight loss. Nobody talks about endless kilograms.


    You should also read about the factors that are affecting your health badly before starting any exercises or workout. 



    Here we are not talking about toothpastes and, of course, not about chewing gum, which is already advertised on television. In our case, we need to add a few words about the correct way of life , about correct behavior and security measures.


    To carry out respiratory gymnastics, or, in general, to maintain your body in good condition with the help of physical exercises , you need to take care of the lungs, and do not forget about the throat and nose.


    Therefore, first of all, a person should leave his bad habits in the form of smoking and excessive talkativeness in the cold wind.


    Next is the constant hardening of the throat, under supervision and only after the recommendation of a personal doctor, and the constant maintenance of the immune system. If all this is under control and you are becoming less likely, or if there are no problems with your throat, then you can safely and constantly practice respiratory gymnastics.


    As can be seen from the presented information, breathing is not only an integral part of life, but also a state of the body. If we adhere to the simple rules about which we speak, it becomes easy and pleasant not only for the body, but also for the soul. So do not waste time and subscribe to always be aware of important events.

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