• Entertainment Laughter affects on Health & use as a Medicine Against Diseases

    Laughter as a Medicine


    Comedy instead of seriousness. 10 minutes of laughter allow 2 o'clock to sleep without pain - so the method used by well-known American journalist Norman Cousins, who suffered severe spinal cord injuries. Confined to bed, he watched a comedy on any online sources like filmlink 4u and the transfer of "Candid Camera."


    Besides the fact that positive emotions (e.g laughter/entertainment) relieve psychological fixation on the fact that you have something hurts, there is a possibility that they were related to the production in the body of so-called opiates - painkillers.

    Psychotherapist tells us, "With laughter, we teach a person to relax which is most necessary for our health." After all, many people simply do not know how to do their entire lives are in constant psychological stress. Psychotherapists use laughter therapy in group sessions. For example, a person says about your problem and the band plays a difficult situation for him in an ironic style - to raise a laugh or at least smile, accordingly changed attitude to the problem - it's not so bad really. The ability to apply humor to itself, to life and its obstacles - a very useful quality. " In general, you have to laugh by any source like watching a comedy movie on movie s 2k Laughter - an indispensable tool in difficult situations.


    And if a person is able to laugh at yourself and can look at a different angle on the problem, he never lowered his arms and will overcome difficulties with optimism. Laughter treat oncological diseases. Laughter has a huge impact on the health. It improves our mood and health. And not only when a person on something laughing. Sometimes the positive charge of the successful jokes we have enough for the whole day!


    This is due to intensive generation of our body of neurotransmitters: dopamine, serotonin, and the "happiness hormone" - endorphins. Laughter - a useful exercise, forcing both to work 80 groups of muscles! The man moves his shoulders, vibrating diaphragm relaxes the muscles of the neck, back and face.


    Some scientists compared 25 minutes of laughter from the minutes of fitness.


    During laughter pulse quickens.

    A similar effect is given exercise.

    Laughter - almost a panacea for all ills.


    It reduces the production of stress hormones and cholesterol, normalizes blood pressure and strengthens the immune system. 5 minutes of laughter is replaced by 40 of rest. Foreign doctors use laughter therapy for the treatment of various diseases. After vigorous, optimistic minded man is recovering faster.


    Many of us used comedy movies at b w cinema or movierules for some laughter like me. There are bundle of sources which provides these services which you can find out by using any search engine or you can also use the above mention sources.

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