• Swimming with Perfect Diet of your own Kitchen best for Health

    Not only in summer temperatures, water is also used for swimming. Swimming is an absolutely popular sport around the world. No wonder, considering that swimming is an ideal combination of endurance, muscle build-up and fat burning. Swimming is fun, lifts your spirits and shapes your body as well.


    Water is a human element, about 60 to 70% of which we are human beings. In the water, we simply feel comfortable, the water carries us, lets us float so that we can feel as light as a feather. For this reason, swimming is a sport that is suitable for almost everyone. Whether babies , children, adults or seniors - for every age there is a suitable technique for swimming , which allows the body to be kept fit and if you use your own kitchen store perfect diet than it has the magical effects on your health.

    A baby can discover the world thanks to water

    A baby is surrounded by fluid in the mother's womb. It feels well and safe in the spring water. This feeling can also feel babies in the water after birth. Many swimming pools offer baby swimming , although it is not a matter of course to teach the baby to swim as early as possible. A baby learns in the water, because the different qualities that water has, the perception ability can be encouraged. Warmth, cold, wetness, buoyancy, resistance can be easily discovered by a baby in the water.

    Swimming with Perfect Diet of your own Kitchen best for Health

    If a child is used to water, its characteristics and the correct use of water in the water, the child will have a lot of fun in this sport. With swimming you can effortlessly promote muscle building by a child.

    Swimming exercises gently the whole body

    With a regular training can be burned by swimming calories and fat. The positive thing about swimming: our body is largely carried by the water during this sport, so the overweight does not weigh on the joints during movement. Generally, swimming is very easy on the joints, so for people with problems at the knee, back pain or osteoarthritis suitable.

    However, whoever suspects that swimming is not exhausting is wrong. Because swimming is particularly effective because you have to move against the resistance in the water. This is why, depending on your age or your health, the right technique for swimming is important for success. A classic among the techniques of swimming is breast swimming. Especially for the head, neck and the back is the back swinging. In the crawl, a high demand of strength as well as endurance is required, as well as in the dolphin style.

    No matter what technique or style you choose to swim, whoever adheres to his training rules, and his health is doing something good. Because by the feeling of hovering in the water, this sport is also a good compensation for stress.

    As is so often the case with swimming, do not exaggerate. If you start swimming or have not been active for a long time, you should start slowly and gradually increase. It is best to stick to a training plan, so that your own health can be positively influenced.

    By the way, by the activity of the legs during swimming, the transport of blood to the heart is supported, so that swimming can also prevent diseases of veins . As a lot of energy is consumed during swimming, the blood glucose level can also be reduced and the risk of diabetes may be reduced.

    Experts and specialists recommend swimming for adults and children with allergic asthma . By swimming, the breathing muscles can be strengthened. Important - in the case of acute infections, also in case of fever, it is absolutely necessary to dispense with swimming.


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