• This is a "refreshed" pickup Tiger, whose sales announced the company. Recall that this Chinese automaker specializes in the production of exclusively SUVs and pickups.


    The company ZX Auto begins selling the updated pickup Tiger, which continues to "copy" the legendary Toyota Hilux 18 years ago. External differences from the "pre-reform" cars are minimal and are reduced only to recycled optics. But the interior has changed much more noticeably: an improved front panel, modern multimedia with a seven-inch touchscreen, a new climate control unit. In addition, the new product relies extensive list of options and additional equipment. 

    The changes affected the technical part. "Refreshed" pickup sets in motion a new one and a half liter turbo engine with a capacity of 163 hp, combined with a five-step "mechanics". The drive can be either rear or full. 


    In total, the manufacturer has prepared eight modifications of the novelty for the domestic market, for the most affordable of which 69,800 yuan will have to be given. 


    Updated Toyota Yaris hatchback will not cost more than a sedan

    If you are looking for a small, practical and affordable car, we have good news for you. Toyota will sell you a compact model Yaris 2020 model year in the back of a hatchback at the same price as the sedan. The automaker believes that you do not need to pay “arbitrary added value” to get the car that best suits your needs. 


    According to the official price list of the brand's representative office in the US, a Yaris hatchback in the LE package will cost from 18,705 dollars or 1,209,418 rubles, and the XLE car version will cost you at least $ 19,705 or 1,274,076 rubles. You will find the same prices for the corresponding Yaris sedan versions, which are equipped with a 6-speed "auto".


    “Since the LE and XLE versions have common characteristics for the two body styles, there is no reason to raise prices for one of them,” said Toyota representative Zachary Reed in his online publication. 


    It is important to note that the sedan model will have a lower base price, since it will be available in the L entry-level configuration with a starting price of $ 16,605 or 1,073,637 rubles if equipped with a six-speed manual gearbox and $ 17,705. 1,144,761 rubles with an automatic transmission. The Yaris Hatchback will not have a basic version of the L version. 


    The LE package gets more pleasant options for both the hatchback and the sedan. These include the keyless access system, the detection of the danger of a frontal collision and 16-inch alloy wheels. A touch-screen audio system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support is also included as standard. 

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  • The protection of the environment has become a major concern in today's society and is integrated in many areas, including packaging. A striking example is polystyrene cushioning foams , which previously dominated the packaging market, and are now competing with alternative, less polluting and more easily recyclable alternatives.


    New cushioning foams acclaimed for their environmental safety

    The timing of polyethylene foams and polyurethane are increasingly popular with users to package their goods. Although they are made from petroleum, they are chemically stable and pose no danger to the environment . In addition, they have all the characteristics of conventional cushioning foams because they are resistant, and adapt to any merchandise to be packaged, including heavy objects, electronic products and the most sensitive goods such as luxury items via ethafoam.


    Recyclable cushioning foams made from agricultural materials

    New generation cushioning foams are recyclable and can be converted into energy or reused for lower performance. In addition, to optimize the recycling of cushioning foams , they can now be made from agricultural by-products, such as corn husks, buckwheat husks, oat balls, soy beans, mushroom roots, or sugarcane waste .


    To manufacture cushioning foams from these elements, agricultural products are cleaned, cooked, pasteurized with basic equipment and inoculated with mycelium. The product is then put into a mold and the foam is produced five days later. The use of these cushioning foams is similar to polyethylene and polyurethane cushioning foams and is just as strong.


    Cushioning foams at favorable rates

    Contrary to popular belief about environmentally friendly products, the price of new generation timing foams is advantageous and offers competitive rates with conventional synthetic timing foams. Do not hesitate to contact the Pack Up sales team for any further information.


    You now know everything about cushioning foams and their impact on the environment. Pack your goods safely while saving the planet!

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  • SEO or search engine optimization is one of the most effective and common methods of the Internet marketing system. For many years, SEO has earned not the best reputation in runet. It is all about the customers and the SEOs in California themselves to the process of website promotion. Of course, we also have entire studios that are professionally engaged in SEO, providing a wide range of services. But rather, you will meet a pipeline on which projects are riveted, cheap links are bought, and it’s not a fact that you will get what you expected. In the West, the situation is different. That is why the quality of services they have is higher, and optimizers do not complain about the salary. 

    Let's understand what SEO is in the West, and why we are far from perfect.

    For this you need to get to the bottom of the problem. Since the virtual world has one habitat for all, the human factor is crucial.


    What we strive for and what they strive for


    Do not forget that the ultimate goal of SEO - to attract customers, increase customer profits. And the methods that are used for this are the main thing that distinguishes our “SEOs” from them. 

    With us: 

    Most of our SEO optimizers have a main goal - position in a search engine: growth and speed , all the same as - the main thing is not to be banned. Growth is good, they earn good money on advertising. Due attention is not paid to what users visit the site, as long as there are as many of them as possible. Here black methods are used. For this, no one puts, but still the Internet clogs as a result. I do not say that this does not happen in the West - they have a different attitude. 

    Our experts are engaged in SEO everything, scattering to different areas, clutching at everything. For example, if you work as a “SEO” in a large IT company, you are engaged in content management, editing images, writing texts, and in general doing everything to bring the site into proper form. 

    They have: 

    Law-abiding foreigners can not allow to walk on lawn-cut, not to mention the black advance. Links, however, still bought - where do without it. Nevertheless, Western colleagues are more inclined towards white methods (law-abiding in their blood), and clients are more interested in stable growth of the site’s position and conversion.rather than intermittent fleeting results. They are easier to relate to guarantees, relying on the reputation of the company. The latter do not promise anything, but most often they provide a package of services that they undertake to fulfill: the number of links, articles, etc. And as you know, they have a sacred agreement. 

    If you are a “SEO” in the West, then you are a highly specialized professional, you are doing something one, gradually improving your skills.

    With us: 

    It all depends primarily on the client. Our SEOs have to work with speed-focused clients, while providing very little money. Well, as a result, they receive the corresponding quality in an off-white version. 


    In the West, customers are committed to quality and a long-term perspective. And best of all - they are willing to pay for it, realizing all the risks associated with cheap SEO "in haste".

    This does not mean that Western experts are good, and ours are immoral, they just have everything according to the rules: increasing the long-awaited conversion, creating targeted traffic, and we are used to finding convenient loopholes, methods, how to deft the search engine, cheat, circumvent the established rules and regulations . And small victories are more important for us than working for an old reliable reputation. 

    SEO technology - sleight of hand and no cheating


    SEO, as a marketing strategy, is unleashed to the full in the West. The basic methods are the same as ours: meta tags, content, links, and more. But there is one big BUT - what, how much, how, and most importantly, for whom it is used. 

    Link building


    Here we will talk about the so-called link building strategies , which are very often used by most professional optimizers. It is impossible to be unequivocal in this matter and forget that it is the client and his desires that form the policy of “SEO”. 

    We have: 

    Short-term strategy - Artificially building up the link mass - our specialists applied it to build up the link mass in an unnatural, but fast way: bulk buying backlinks through exchanges, comment spam, buying links on aggregators, etc. 

    Imagine that a client comes to you and wants his site to be in the top five on the Google search results page in a couple of months and gives you 300 bucks for everything. Here you have to get out, as you can. Our cunning optimizers, of course, found a way out of this situation. 

    We turn to exchanges with unverified and sometimes harmful links. Buying links is a paid pleasure, therefore, their quality often depends on the cost. Links are bought in bulk for pennies on SAPE. Temporary links are widely used by our optimizers, “putting customers on the needle”: they must be paid constantly, because if a customer stops paying, the site’s rating immediately drops. "Eternal" linksreliable and focused on quality, but they are more expensive. But the main problem is the limited budget that our SEOs have. 

    They have: 

    Natural strategy . Western SEOs have long been armed with a strategy of gradually increasing the reference mass as the main method of website promotion. Natural links are especially important, and they appear only in the case of unique, relevant and interesting content. Those who are really interested in this will link to your site. 

    Western experts are trying to earn the trust of search engines to the site, rather than chasing positions, they are determined to take quality, not quantity. Links are bought from them, but they must be of high quality and bring, in addition to the reference weight, useful traffic, and therefore cost ten times more. There are, of course, poor-quality links, but they do not particularly rely on them. In the future, quality links bring much more dividends than low-quality ones. 

    Guest blogging . This method has received recognition from Europeans and Americans and has long been used to effectively promote the site. After all, it is based on high-quality content that you sell for links to blogs. 

    Article sharing, crossposting. Such methods are still quite widespread among Western colleagues. Although worth noting that the time has passed for their widespread use. In the case of backlinks, Western experts have recently set up quite seriously. Many webmasters are ready to even sue for poor-quality links to their sites. 

    However, nothing prevents the exchange of articles with reliable large sites. Also blogging, question and answer in Google Groups, Yahoo! Answers - all this is widely and successfully used both in the West and in our country. 


    We have: 

    SMM (Social Media Marketing) is already actively used by many domestic “SEOs”, but as we know, there is no trodden road and much has to be discovered by ourselves. I think in a few years it will be even more widespread. 

    They have: 

    Western colleagues pay great attention to the promotion of sites in social networks, establishing contacts with potential customers. This is a whole industry. Everything is logical: the world is transferred to the Internet, and the social network is the market in which everything is bought and sold. 


    With us: 

    Let's talk about such seemingly small things as content. Our copywriters are limited in resources, which means they follow a common policy: the faster and cheaper, the better. Updating the site is very important in promotion, and the content must be not only unique, but also interesting. If you order cheap texts, the quality will be appropriate. 

    With them:

    In the West, content is approached very seriously, and if an SEO copywriter takes up a topic, he is provided with all the necessary information and the topic is covered in full. Copywriters sweat over the texts, trying not only to fill the site with content, but to write a selling text, interesting and relevant. This helps to attract new customers, increase the duration of the visitor's stay on the site and, as a result, increases the site rating.


    With us: 

    I think each of us has come across a situation where you enter a phrase into a search engine, follow the first link, and there’s nothing like that, it’s a solid trash. Spam, doorways, cloaking are still littering the Internet, but this, unfortunately, is still working. Of course, search engines are trying to fight this, and lately the rules have tightened, but the network is still littered with the fruits of black SEO. 


    Most of the Western colleagues in this issue are more advanced, they have other goals, budgets and, as a result, results. C semantic core begins optimization of the site and its subsequent promotion. Key words should correspond to the content, their set is carefully considered, because the effectiveness of website promotion will depend on it. 

    It’s a very common opinion that if there were no SEO, life on the Internet would be easier and cleaner. For some reason this is true, but SEO already exists, one helps, others hinder. SEO is not a science, everything is relative . What is good for one SEO or for a specific client may be unacceptable or ineffective for others. 

    Today it is impossible to deny the need for SEO, its wide distribution and a clear development. Even if you have a very useful and cool site, you will score far and for a long time without its promotion in search engines. It is necessary to improve SEO, as a technology of marketing, introducing new methods, adopting the experience of foreign colleagues, moving to a new level. Without this, the runet will remain a dump in which you have to look for something useful among a mountain of garbage..

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  • In many respects, a good domain name is as important to the success of a site as any other factor. This is the online business card that everyone associates with your site after all. Thus, it is very important that you do not let the registration of your domain name take time. If the expiry date of your domain name is getting closer, there are a few reasons why you need to renew it early.


    1. You could lose it forever

    Let's start with the most obvious. An Internet registrar will only keep your domain name for a limited period of time before selling it to someone else. The settlement process starts the second your registration ends. Some entrepreneurs operate the squat of expired domain names to resell to the original owners at a significantly higher price.


    2. Premature renewals can be a source of savings

    If you play your cards well, you can save a few pennies on the registration costs of your domain name by taking it early. Some registrars offer discounts if you renew before they send you the expiration reminders. You can combine the savings by subscribing to a longer contract. Contact your current registrar and see if they can offer you a special offer.


    3. Property interruptions can sink your site

    When a domain name expires, some registrars publish a "parking page" instead of the content of your site. For search engines, this is never a good sign. They can penalize your domain so that it is difficult for you to catch up. If you have invested a certain amount of time in improving the performance of your domain name on the search engine results pages, invest a few cents to make sure your efforts are not in vain.


    4. You avoid headaches with the network

    Registrars are responsible for associating your domain name with the correct nameservers (server names). These nameservers allow DNS to make your site easy to find by typing keywords into a search engine, or a URL into a browser's address bar. DNS propagation for new associations can take up to 48 hours. Your site will be offline during this time.


    5. Misadventures happen when you least expect it

    No matter how hard you try, there is really no way to predict the future. Even relying on automatic renewal to keep ownership of a domain name does not guarantee you anything. For example, there may be an unexpected problem with your credit card that makes you lose a domain name. It is prudent to renew domain names at least one week in advance.


    The renewal of domain names facilitated

    It's not rocket science to avoid horror stories with domain names. If you plan to run a website for the long term, do yourself a favor by registering the domain name for at least two years at a time. About a month before the expiration date, look for coupon codes that can save you money when you decide to renew. Finally, set up an automatic renewal to receive reminders when the expiry date of a domain name gets closer.

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  • The hair rises in the neck, the heart begins to beat faster, the hands are shaking and you hardly get any more oxygen: the feeling of fear and terror is spreading. 


    Fittingly, we have put together the five scary moments of online marketers that can bring real horror moments - nicely presented including a horror scale.



    1. New user interfaces and bugs

    Horror of horror when a new user interface is pending or bugs in the tools occur. Such things usually cost a lot of time and often cause fluttering nerves.


    It can also happen that you talk to a technician for hours instead of producing something productive. The fight is then usually tedious, tedious and mindless - similar to a zombie army.


    They lurk everywhere and escape is sometimes almost impossible: the grammatical mistakes or Typos. 

    Whether in ads, blogs, posts or just in an e-mail. Sometimes you can read through a text about 100x and yet there is a small bug somewhere, which one discovers only after publication or after sending and one hopes only trembling, nobody else sees it - Psychoterror par excellence.



    3. Sudden Traffic Cancellation or Visibility Loss

    In these cases, the heart of every SEO specialist and every SEO specialist remains. A sudden traffic crash or loss of visibility that can not be explained by a Google update. This phenomenon could also be called "ghosting" or the fear of disappearing on the World Wide Web, which is a true SEO scarecrow.


    4. Server down and 404 messages

    The approaching Apocalypse feel online marketing staff also in a server-down or strange 404 messages. When links lead to URLs that no longer exist, though they should. Or worse, when the whole server is paralyzed (for example, at an e-commerce shop) and nothing works for hours. Then it means to arrange shock and emergency plan.



    5th point instead of comma

    Harmless title, but a heart attack is guaranteed if someone dodges AdWords budget input. If you type in AdWords instead of a comma a point (ex: 500.00 CHF), then AdWords ignores this point and corrects itself a comma. The result would then no longer be a 500.00 CHF media budget, but a 50'000 CHF media budget. 

    Financial horror is probably still the worst nightmare.



    And because it's just so nice: Here's a  little bullet point list of the 5 horror moments  in the office: 

    1. No coffee in the house 

    2. Fruit flies or other animals in the food 

    3. Send e-mail to wrong person 

    4 Blaspheme the boss while he stands behind one 

    5. Ill employees who are infected * cough *. 

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