• The company claims that the number of fitness trackers such as Fitbit Charge and Jawbone UP24 will increase threefold, and by 2018 it will reach approximately 57 million users worldwide, this year their number has already grown to 19 million.


    Juniper analysts expect the fitness segment to remain dominant among wearable devices until it receives another impetus for the development of a new fitness application, new biometric measurements and lower prices.


    But already from this moment until 2018 the category of “smart” watches like citizen watches is gaining momentum and soon these wearable devices will be perceived as one of the most wearable devices. The development of the segment begins with the release of the long-awaited Apple watches or royal london watches , which were supposed to be released to the market in the first half of 2015. As reported by Apple, in the first year it is expected to sell 15 million devices. If this happens, sales of smart watches will surpass sales of fitness trackers even before the start of 2018, as predicted by Juniper.


    Juniper believes that there are two main types of fitness trackers - less expensive, like the Xiaomi MiBand tracker for $ 13, the main advantage of which is the price, and more expensive devices, such as Fitbit Surge, Microsoft Band and Samsung Gear Fit, which offer additional features like notification and music management.


    In addition, Juniper argues that Fitbit will remain the leading player in the market of fitness trackers, although their decisions are not combined with Apple Health, which can dramatically reduce their market share in a short period of time.


    More functional devices will compete with “smart” watches, especially those wearable devices that offer similar functions, for example, Meta-Watch M1 and Martian Notifier, are predicted by Juniper research. "Nevertheless, consumers who are not indifferent to the aesthetic appearance of the device will still prefer smart watches, as devices focused on fitness prefer the functionality of the device rather than its appearance," Juniper said in a report.

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  • In 2017, Instagram has 800 million accounts. The main audience of the social network is solvent youth aged 20 to 40 years. Beautiful photos as if by magic wand encourage users to buy products and services.


    We will tell you all the ways to promote the business in Instagram. You can also earn money by monetising your instagram account with RevSocial. But before monetising, your account should  must have a nice number of followers. 


    If you do not already have a profile on this social network, we recommend registering a business account. It has several advantages. In the business version, there will be a Contact button. Comments will be moderated. The analyst will be available (you can view the most popular posts, record coverage and other statistics). If you already have a regular profile in Instagram, then you can switch to a business account.


    We will discuss these thing in this article:

    Fill profile: avatar and description

    Form the content plan

    Making an account correctly

    Create the right visual design

    We study the statistics

    We put the hashtags

    Remember the ranking in the tape

    How to use Stories for Business

    Commenting on other people's accounts

    We use other free promotion methods

    We order advertising from a blogger

    We are striving for native advertising

    We order targeted advertising in Instagram

    Connect MassFlow and MassLayning


    Profile: Avatar and Description

    Avatar. The main requirement for the picture - it should be such that it would be desirable to consider the account. Bright, unusual, "tasty." Do not use the logo and text if you have less than 200 thousand subscribers.


    Name and description. Treat this as a selling article with 150 characters. If you post there a text that has nothing to do with business, you will lose subscribers. The newcomers are looking at this description in the first place, so for them, write so that you want to study your account.


    The name of the profile and the string "Name" (highlighted in the account in bold) is what the Instagram search engine indexes . If you fill this information not deliberately, then lose your search traffic. Ideally, you need to use a keyword or association with the business. But the first is preferable. For example, your account is called gourou.fitness (the first keyword), and in the Name field you specify: meals, individual workouts, weight loss (three more keywords). Use Caps Lock - this will make it stand out in the search. For the same purpose, use Emodzi (within reasonable limits). Do not duplicate your name or profile name in the "Name" line. Spend the 30 characters with more use.


    Make several options and see where you find yourself in the search (only use other people's devices, not yours) and decide on the best option. Do not be lazy and take the time to compose an optimal description with a good density of keywords. Be sure to put a link to the site (personal instagram, other sots.seti).


    Instagram - Content plan


    Without a content plan, it is difficult to conduct business in Instagram. The social network is so arranged that the posts should appear regularly, so even if the content provider writes to you, it's better to let him do it according to a pre-compiled plan. The content plan organizes the maintenance of the account and makes sales manageable.


    Why does not my account sell?

    Most often - because of the lack of selling posts. It would seem obvious - you do not buy, because you do not sell. Let the selling posts become the basis of your content plan. Educate yourself for best optimal time of placement.

    Optimal time of placement:

    8-10 am: entertainment and information posts;

    12-14: information or sale;

    17-19: entertaining, informational, selling;

    21-23: communication in comments / entertainment.


    Optimal to place in a week 3 selling posts. Make publications at the most successful time, based on the behavior and activity of the audience. Prepare beautiful photos, write texts.


    Dilute the content with entertainment messages. Determine not only the topic, but also the task. For example, in the morning you post a post to prepare the audience, and in the evening do everything to talk the subscribers.


    Do not forget to take into account in the content plan your advertising activity. For example, on Thursday night you are advertised in a blog - the profile should be ready for new visitors.


    Instagram - Account registration




    Choose your path. Do not copy the instagramers that have already become popular. The copy is always noticeable and does not play in your favor.


    In this case, the main thing is to try and find your style. And be sure to think about the audience - about how it's better, what's interesting.


    Generate your ideas, content in a unified style that will resonate with your inner world and, as a result, positioning.


    Create the right visual design


    Instagram is a visual social network, so the requirements for photos are high. If you do not know where to start, look at what successful competitors in your industry are doing and not only. But do not imitate. Simply absorb what and how it is now accepted "with a bang." You will have to publish photos almost every day, so it will be much less costly to start from your own taste.


    It sells not so much the photo, as the lifestyle of the company / blogger and a single creative way of life. All photos must be at a high level. It is necessary. One substandard selfie among photos of smart cakes can turn away from you gourmets. And in the same style - it is very desirable.


    How to make a good photo?

    Use a good camera. You can use a smartphone or a camera. The main thing that in the photo there was no blurriness and grains. Take for a rule to wipe the camera lens with a cloth before you start taking pictures.

    A lot of light. Use daytime diffused light or buy a lightbox. But no photos with overexposure, yellow photos and other unaesthetic moments.

    Composition. In each photo there should be a meaning, but the composition is obligatory. You can shoot goods + background + 1-2 details, you can make complex pictures, but in both cases there must be a composition. If you do not know anything about it - YouTube is a well-known one .

    Stick to a single style. Photos should please the eye and be friends with each other. Pay attention to the colors and camera angles in the photo.

    We study the statistics

    You have activated the promotion. The visitors came. We analyze.


    General Statistics

    Impressions . How many views have your publication.

    Coverage . The number of unique accounts that looked at your post.

    Profile views . The number of unique accounts that visited your profile for the week.

    Clicks on the website . How many accounts clicked a link to a website in the company profile.

    Send a letter / contact . The number of people who used your button.

    Actions of subscribers . The time when your subscribers are most active.

    It's important to remember that impressions are the total number of post views; Coverage is unique users (how many people viewed the post).


    Publishing statistics

    If you open the publication statistics, you will be able to view the Engagement (Laiki, Conservation, Comments), Coverage and Impressions.



    We look at the average coverage of all publications (the norm is 30-60% of the total number of subscribers). For example, you have 10 thousand subscribers, the coverage should be from 3 thousand to 6 thousand.


    Involvement - to understand how many subscribers from those who saw the post, put a kid or left a comment. 10% of the Coverage is considered normal. For example, the coverage of the post: 2000, the involvement should aim to 2000.


    Subscribers . We look at such indicators: the number of accounts and the increase for the week; demographic information: age, sex and their ratio.


    We put the hashtags


    Hashtags are one of two ways to search in Instagram . As a consequence, this is a tool for attracting traffic. If you do not use hashtags, you are not in search, so you do not get 10-60 new people per day, depending on the quality and subject profile.


    It is worth using on a regular basis.


    The maximum number of hashtags is 30. You can use them in different ways. It is important that the photos / videos are attractive. The nicer they will be, the more subscribers you will receive.


    Publication time: a good publication time will provide an opportunity to quickly collect the likes and get into the TOP-9 or at least to hang out in the "newest" time and gather an audience there.


    You can use your hashtags to navigate your account, as well as popular themed hashtags to attract subscribers. It is important that hashtags match what you post. That is, under the doll to order had a hashtag - a ready-made doll.


    Do not use very popular hashtags - they are updated every 2 seconds, your post is quickly lost sight of.


    Explore your competitors and increase the bar of quality. We are talking about texts, photos, quality of products and so on. Your content can be great, but if you do not mark it with hashtags, potential customers will not get a chance to find it.


    Do not post a huge list of hashtags at the bottom of the post. In the body of the post - enough 2-3, the rest - a separate comment. The effect will be exactly the same. But the subscribers to you will not be offended.


    In addition, hashtags can be used for stocks, competitions, marathons, content tracking, feedback. In general, a great tool if you use it wisely.




    In the top by hashtags, the post falls in the dynamics of the set of likes (that is, speed, not quantity).


    Resume: post photos in a good time, get likes and find yourself in the top.


    Remember the ranking in the tape

    For some time the tape in Instagram began to be formed not by time, but in accordance with certain rules. That is, in the beginning, the posts of those bloggers will appear on the subscriber, which he actively hugs and comments, then those who are hushed less, and then only those whom he does not at all like.


    What determines the place of publication in the tape?

    Time of publication.

    The history of subscriber interaction with you (bookmarks, video views, comments, likes, interests, stay in your profile, etc.).

    How to rise in the issue?

    -placing posts at the optimal time;


    - provoke subscribers for activity;


    -work on the quality of content, encourage the audience to contact you more actively;


    - maintain a balance between the entertainment and the selling component;


    -introduce interactive: flash mobs in comments, voting and so on.


    Ask the likes (for example, if you collect 2,000 likes, write a sequel to "how easy it is to wash the windows in half an hour"), write to "hot" topics, arrange surveys.


    Take a video . The popularity of video is only growing. Likewise videos are usually 5-7 times smaller than watched, but scans are also indicators of involvement and, as a consequence, affect ranking. Plus, good videos have a viral effect (under them celebrate friends, they write large public posts and stuff).


    Recommended section. This can be accessed through high involvement and interesting content.


    Commenting on other people's accounts

    You have a cool avatar and account name. You come to a blogger with related topics (not necessarily) and leave an interesting, memorable comment. Readers of the blogger, whom you commented on, come to you, evaluate and subscribe if they liked your blog.


    To make the method work:


    A memorable name.

    The catching eye avatar.

    Beautiful profile description.

    Bright visual design.

    Good texts.

    Where to comment

    Your goal is to attract a targeted, active audience to a business account or blog. Not those who come every six months, not interested in your products. Choose for commenting blogs, readers and authors whom you like, those with whom your worldview coincides. Otherwise, attract people who will only criticize your prices and life in general.

    The most active in the comments - the first 2 hours after the publication of posts, so post notices about the publications of those people who you chose.

    Do not comment on everything, discuss resonant topics, posts of interesting topics. Do not give all the time to one blogger. Alternate accounts.

    How to comment


    The main thing is to avoid spam. Those comments from which in the eyes ruffles. In the photo - a clear example of "not working" comment.

    Leave a comment on the post topic, reply to comments of other bloggers' subscribers. What tone will be your comment, you will attract such subscribers.

    Will be angry - will attract the same scoundrels, will be positive - attract gay people with the right attitude to life. Watch the theme and tone of comments and change them depending on the post. Also, do not forget about elementary courtesy and do not try to teach people who did not ask you about it.


    Set Geotagging

    Placement of posts with indication of popular geo-locations is another promotion tool. You can also create your own "selling" location with the phone number and website address.


    We tie up social networks

    If you have a group on Facebook or a channel for youtube - set up cross-posting, invite to subscribe to Instagram . This is especially true for those who have just started developing the page. Get your first couple of hundred subscribers easily and for free.


    Section "Recommended"


    The combination of activity in the profile and good content sends you to the "Recommended" section.


    We order advertising from a blogger

    The main thing - a blogger should be your target audience. Therefore, choose bloggers with an eye to it.


    Where to look

    In subscriptions from other bloggers. Bloggers like to communicate with each other. In subscriptions from one account with 1000 followers, you will find ten accounts with the same number of subscribers.

    Bloggers in the tab are recommended. The green arrow in the user info section next to the "subscribe" button.

    In the ratings, services statistics. For example, livedune.ru. There you can see the city, the involvement, as well as see the growth of the audience from the blogger, etc.

    On stock exchanges of bloggers. For example, Plibber or labelUP. There it is convenient to find mini-opinion leaders, it reflects even more statistics, the average number of comments, likes and stuff that it is difficult to manually search for.

    In the search for Instagram : for example, according to the "doll on the order", in the top on locations and stuff.

    How to choose

    It is advisable to establish a separate account and subscribe to all those chosen as a potential site. Keep track of what is happening to them. As subscribers react to advertising posts, how much advertised accounts grow.


    Keep an eye on the engagement index. At bloggers with the number of subscribers up to 30 thousand people, it should be at least 3, and preferably 5-10%. This means that the account is live. At large with a large number of audiences - from 2.5%. If the involvement is lower, then there is no sense in ordering advertising.


    We follow that the account was positive and alive. We look not only for the quantity, but also for the quality of subscribers. We click on subscribers, likes and scroll down - there are real people or bots without avatars and shops.


    We study the comments. On business or spam?


    Video Views. A good indicator is at least 10% of the total number of subscribers (although you can wind it up if you want).


    In addition, you can ask the blogger to send screenshots Statistics Instagram : the audience, the average coverage of posts and stuff.


    Tracking for a blogger

    At least a week, or better two before deciding to work with a blogger, begin shadowing.


    Speed ​​of the set of likes under the post. It is worthwhile if there are long pauses or sudden jumps in the set of likes. For example, there was a post, it is gradually gaining 200 likes. Then - a fairly long stop, after which 800 likes in half an hour. Do not take into account the speed of licking, if the post came out at night, for example.

    Number of likes of bloggers' personal and advertising posts. It does not happen that all advertising posts have the same number of likes, as well as personal posts of the blogger. Honest advertising is always less popular.

    Number and adequacy of comments. It is worthwhile to suspect that something is wrong, if there are a lot of likes under the post, but they comment on several accounts, and all the same under all posts. Live good comments can not be screwed.

    Closely monitor the advertising posts. There was an advertising post - immediately hurry to the account, which was ordered advertising. Make a screen to remember the number of subscribers. After a day, check how the indicator has changed. If this advertiser has collected a few likes, then with the probability of almost 100% your account will collect as much.

    If you notice a lot and different ads, then this is also an excuse to be on the alert. Most often, the audience of such bloggers - not very good quality.❓

    We are striving for native advertising

    Native advertising - it is natural, is placed in the context of the site and is perceived as part of it, because it takes into account the features of the site, is not perceived as advertising. This is its main advantage.


    Let's say you are subscribed to a blog about repairs. Now this is your main topic, it worries you seriously. In one of the texts, the blogger tells how to repair a bedroom in a short time and very inexpensively. He shares the lifhakas, the latest trends and tells where you can buy materials quickly and inexpensively. All this in the context of inexpensive repair. You google this store and make out an order. Lets see what is happening

    Impact on the target audience.

    As the native advertising is placed on thematic platforms, the audience comes there with their request / task.

    Native advertising is perceived as useful content.

    There is trust. About you tells a man who is "in the subject", which faced the same problems.

    We order targeted advertising in Instagram

    The advantage of targeted advertising is that there are no nuances of working with people. You pay for real impressions. The price for a subscriber is on average 4-5 rubles.


    Targeted advertising in Instagram involves finding the target audience for such signs as: age, gender, country / region / city.


    Use the tool AiTarget - Facebook marketing partner . It will help you: determine the purpose of the advertising campaign, set up the CA;


    Choose an ad format: one photo, carousel of pictures or video;


    moderate comments to advertisements in Instagram


    Connect MassFlow and MassLayning

    MassFlowing is a massive subscription. The bottom line is that you sign up for an account. He pays attention to a new subscription and, perhaps, subscribes to the answer.


    Anfollowing is an unsubscribe from accounts that you are not interested in.


    Masslayking has a similar principle of action and influence with mass-looming.


    Programs for mass-diffusion and mass-massaging: LikeMania.com , InstaRobot, Clientogram, InstaPlus.me , PAMAGRAM , Piargram .


    Using these services, remember that Instagram bans for excessive activity.


    Set up auto-subscription after 14 days after creating the account.

    The total limit of actions for a new account on the first day is no more than 500.

    Anfollowing: no more than 1000 messages per day are allowed.

    Falling: one subscription in 30-40 seconds, no more than 200 per hour, per day - 1000.

    Laying at a time - 1000, for 30-40 seconds.

    In order for the promotion to work in Instagram, you need to use all kinds of advertising in parallel to each other. All methods are effective. Do this: do thorough preparatory work (make an account visually and content-selling) and distribute the budget among three areas of advertising: targeting, advertising from bloggers and mass-targeting / mass-targeting. See what works better and already on the pumped account, pay more attention to activities outside the account: marathons, giveaway. Again, start targeting and, based on your performance, re-budget your ads. You can also find out the coupons for instagram ads by searching on google or any other search engine. Anyways, do you know how to set up coupons site free.

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  • Good day dear subscribers, as well as those who just recently began to dive into this interesting world of health and beauty. Today we will talk about the exclusive support of our lungs, as well as how useful for the body is breathing exercises for weight loss . About why this topic includes the concept of lungs, you can understand by reading the section called respiratory gymnastics. This system is inextricably linked with general physical exercises, and no less than helping girls to get rid of extra pounds .




    I dare to suggest that everyone is looking for an easy and quick way to lose weight. Below is a small but comprehensive list of exercises that will allow you to accelerate the process of weight loss and give the body a special elegance when you load an average. There is no need to invent sophisticated exercises and set yourself a big task right from the first day, better do everything gradually.



    We remember the cycle of school activities and begin to implement them. If you have a gymnastic hoop at home, you can start with an easy warm-up, while not forgetting about breathing. Then do the swinging of the upper body in different directions, first to one, and then to the other side. After do twisting and tilting. The most pleasant thing in gymnastics is that there is no need to do tasks under strict control and under a certain amount. Put your favorite music and do it one by one, then another exercise. It will be good if the classes last for about an hour, but not less than 30 minutes. Then the effect will be noticeable faster and weight from the abdominal cavity will go away faster.



    In this case, the set of exercises is not very large and it is also very simple: for lessons you will need a rope, on which you will have to do 1/10 of all classes. This exercise involves all muscle groups and not only legs. Next, you need to move to squats: first the starting position should be when the legs are placed at the width of the shoulders, then the distance between the legs is significantly reduced, and in the end you can practice in the exercise "pistol" - squatting on one leg, while the second is parallel to the floor. 

    Also worth talking about jumping, they are no less useful, but they must be performed carefully. So the landing should always be on the toe of the foot, and watch your knees because the legs should be slightly bent, otherwise you may get injured.



    The cycle of exercises, consisting of pull-ups, push-ups and exercises with weights, combines a combination of general tension, both on the muscles of the hands and on the chest. Do all the exercises a little, for example, 2 sets of 10 times. Then change the exercise. This way it will be possible to fix and tighten all necessary and problem areas, and also to avoid problems with asymmetry in the process of relaxation and tension of the muscular zone.


    As you can see, this article refers to aerobic exercise, as the gymnastics refers specifically to this section. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement the general picture with a few moments: preferably before the classes to perform a small run . If this is not possible, change this task to walking , both in space and on the spot.


    On the Internet mass information about breathing exercises is posted. Some coaches give online lessons in which they explain how to properly do those or other tasks. Recommended for viewing by everyone, and if you try to do such exercises on your own, after a while you will feel a pleasant sensation in the chest, tightness of the muscles and special ease at walking. This is all the result of a smooth weight loss. Nobody talks about endless kilograms.


    You should also read about the factors that are affecting your health badly before starting any exercises or workout. 



    Here we are not talking about toothpastes and, of course, not about chewing gum, which is already advertised on television. In our case, we need to add a few words about the correct way of life , about correct behavior and security measures.


    To carry out respiratory gymnastics, or, in general, to maintain your body in good condition with the help of physical exercises , you need to take care of the lungs, and do not forget about the throat and nose.


    Therefore, first of all, a person should leave his bad habits in the form of smoking and excessive talkativeness in the cold wind.


    Next is the constant hardening of the throat, under supervision and only after the recommendation of a personal doctor, and the constant maintenance of the immune system. If all this is under control and you are becoming less likely, or if there are no problems with your throat, then you can safely and constantly practice respiratory gymnastics.


    As can be seen from the presented information, breathing is not only an integral part of life, but also a state of the body. If we adhere to the simple rules about which we speak, it becomes easy and pleasant not only for the body, but also for the soul. So do not waste time and subscribe to always be aware of important events.

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  • Each year of additional education increases the life expectancy at the age of 35 by one and a half years". "Mortality among people with secondary education is 54% higher than among people with higher education." "After reaching the age of 25 years, people who have completed higher education, life expectancy is seven years higher than those with a secondary education." These are some of the conclusions reached by the authors of recent studies on the impact of education on human life.


    Many researchers, representing different fields of activity and different countries, analyzed the influence of the level of education and came to the conclusion and close connection between education and health. Adriana Lleras-Muney, professor of economics at the University of California, has researched the relationship between people's health and their educational level in the US and other countries of the American continent. Based on the studies, she came to the conclusion that "people with a higher level of education behave differently: they smoke less, use alcohol in moderate amounts, have weight approaching the ideal etc. Do you know about the symptoms of diabetes?


    And this is observed not only on one side of the Atlantic. A few years ago, scientists from the Institute of Granada published a report with a view to redistributing medical services, which indicated that people with a lower educational level are less likely to visit doctors. 


    Why? How does the duration of training affect life expectancy? Laura Carstensen, director of the Standford Center for the Study of Longevity, said that people with higher levels of education receive higher-paying jobs that require less physical exertion and are more enjoyable. They live in safer areas, lead a healthier lifestyle and are less prone to stress.


    Javier Salinas, head of the Department of Economics and Finance at the Autonomous University of Madrid, who explored the relationship between education and individual well-being, explains that human capital theory views education as an investment in personal wealth, as it increases the chances of the labor market, place, get promotion and salary increase. It also reduces the time to perform routine tasks and expands participation in making important decisions, having a positive impact on health.


    From an entirely different point of view, Manuel Martín Loeches, head of the Department of Cognitive Neuroscience at the UCM-ISC3 Center for the Study of Human Evolution and Behavior, is considering the issue. He argues that in our civilization, people with education manage to achieve positive social and biological changes, because education provides more opportunities for solving life problems, better employment, higher incomes and better social status. Now there is lots of online resources for distance education or getting notes and guess papers for different classes like PK Planet Educational Source. "All this is very important, because we are very social creatures, and if you have a good position in the group, then you will find yourself a better couple with good health, and this in turn will give abundant and healthy offspring."


    Adriana Lieras-Mouney believes that people with a higher educational level also have greater access to information and, as a result, are the first to learn about scientific innovations and medical recommendations. "They were the first to learn about the dangers of tobacco, as well as how important it is to fasten the seat belt in the car. In addition, they perceive information more quickly, they are easier to understand new trends and change their behavior, because they want to maintain their health and continue to enjoy the joys of life (active leisure, relationships with others, etc.), which, in their opinion , they are worth it, "the researcher continues.


    However, all these economic and social arguments that, thanks to education, we live longer and better, seem to lose credibility in the light of the study of longevity, conducted by neurologist David Snowdon (David Snowdon) among a group of nuns. All of them entered the monastery at the age of about 20 years and until the end of their days they lived on the same means, in the same situation, with the same diet, the same daily duties, they used the same medicines. Snowdon noted that the nuns, who had a higher educational level when entering the monastery (the researcher made up his idea of ​​this by knowing the grammar, spelling, the complexity of the phrases that they used to write autobiographies when they took tonsure), lived better,


    One explanation for the data given is that people with higher education support the brain in a constant activity, update their neurons and more easily tolerate the aging process. However, there are also those who explain this by the process of natural selection: not education changes people, making them healthier and extending their lives, and those who are born more intelligent and healthy, eventually receive a better education. So what was it all about at the beginning: an egg or a chicken?


    Whatever the root cause, everyone recognizes the existence of an obvious link between the level of education, material well-being, the level of mortality and the state of human health. According to many researchers, this is the direct link between the level of education and satisfaction - physical and mental, which is expressed by the formula "the higher the education, the more happiness". Some explain the biological reactions of the body: when a person learns, he enjoys, because the very process of learning stimulates the production of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that evokes a sense of pleasure and activates neurons, which in turn has a positive effect on the mental state. Some associate education with happiness, stating that learning is always a challenge, and overcoming difficulties is an incentive. So parents should must concentrate on the education of their children.

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  • The Male Edge is a progression of bar based penis extenders that are made by the organization Dana Medic, a Danish organization. Their item is a fresher cycle of the Jes-Extender.

    Extender or Devices are the best to enlarge your penis instead of using pills for this purpose because pill have great side effects as compared to extenders. Also don't trust all the extenders because everyone claims that they have the best products. You should must have to read about market top extenders before taking any decision of utilization.

    Male Edge Extender works on the normal functioning of all organs and systems, the absence of chronic and acute diseases, a sporty appearance. To achieve it you need, first of all, a lot to move and train. Doing sports can not only improve the general condition of the body, but also rehabilitate it after a long illness or injury.

    It is also important to say that a completely healthy, truly right way of life usually reflects a strictly defined person's life position, which is aimed at the growth and development of culture, the emergence of new hygienic skills, the preservation and also the strengthening of your health, the subsequent maintenance of the most optimal quality of this life.

    The detailed human review of Male Edge Extender is appeared first on eBookReview.Pro which you can read at


    Source : http://b.hatena.ne.jp/entry/ebookreview.pro/does-male-edge-really-work/

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