• Don't Skip Warning Signals by the Body just like a Good Patcher

    Warning Signals of the Body


    The body of man clearly shows about their health conditions, well-being and life happiness are ordered. That is why it is all the more important to listen to the inner voice of the body and to take warning signals seriously and overcome them to remain fit and enjoy the happiness of life like a good patcher.


    Many people have already made a name for themselves, with those small, initially unspectacular signals of the body that want to warn us: there are, for example, persistent stomach pains that have occurred since transportation to the department leader, or frequent headache attacks, concentration and well-being Significantly. Also some skin rash, permanent cough or back pain wants to show that something is wrong.


    Disturbed Balance

    Fortunately, a doctor's visit often reveals that there is no serious illness behind the symptoms such as headaches , sleep disorders , stomach cramps, or permanent sniffing. On the contrary, these complaints are often the expression that the body, the mind and the soul are not in equilibrium. In other words, the fact that persistant stress, mental stress, constant exertion or lack of relaxation phases surpass the well-being.


    It is now known that there is a link between stress and health. While most people are able to cope with a certain amount of hustle and bustle and chaos, they can be a cause of serious or serious mental stress. In doing so, the conflict with the neighbors can be as much a matter of health as the separation from the partner or even the feeling of being unable to cope with the demands of everyday life.


    Stressed and Persistent


    Too much physical or mental stress can also demonstrably weaken the defense forces and then lead to frequent airway infections. While adults are usually plagued by a cold about twice a year, many stressed contemporaries have the feeling in the winter that they can not get fit.


    If a cold chases the next, it is time for a doctor's visit and certainly also to take the signals of the body - finally - seriously. Many affected persons do not pass by to change a few living habits, so that the body's defenses function again smoothly.


    The Skin as a Mirror of the Soul

    It is also quite possible that the skin is alert to stress or grief. Such as "I am under the skin" or "I could drive out of the skin", indicate how much the skin and the soul are connected to each other. Not infrequently, psychological stress is the cause of skin deficiencies .


    There are also connections between many skin diseases and the mental balance. A typical example is neurodermatitis , which can be amplified by emotional stress. Eczema and itching may increase when the soul suffers.


    Conversely, the following is also true: pronounced visible and painful skin diseases can greatly affect the psyche. For this reason many skin diseases are treated holistically now. Appropriate treatment concepts are assumed, among other things, that not only does the sick skin need medicines but also the cracked soul needs help.


    Fortunately, the skin reflects not only mental stress, but also joy of life and inner satisfaction. When a person "shines with happiness" or feels "in his skin all around," everything suggests that his world is in order.

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